Eurostrada Building is a private company newly established by a team with a great experience in construction. We manufacture a wide range of construction in system as general contractor or as subcontracting.

Our greatest competitive advantage is the expertise and passion of our people. We are motivated to achieve the elements needed to provide project success and build structures that will leave a lasting impression for our clients.

We understand our clients’ needs and work together with them to build their vision.

Our object of activity include:

  1. Execution of reinforced concrete structures:

Installation works/disassembly metallic shell (Doka, Peri) and/or classic wooden formwork (timber, TEGO);

Carving works and/or installation of reinforcing steel fittings;

Concrete pouring works.

  1. Execution embankments:

Excavation of land (mechanized and manual);

Earthfill and/or ballast;

Demolition of reinforced concrete elements and/or masonry.

  1. Execution structural works:

Brick masonry and/or POROTHERM;

Drywall partitions and ceilings;

Plasters, gypsum plasters, paints;

Installation of ceramic tiles and flooring;

Wood framing;

Insulated with polystyrene facade and decorative plaster;

Waterproofing in infrastructure and/or terrace.

Eurostrada Building believe in creating an outstanding product. Eurostrada Building believe in nurturing high standards of skill and integrity.

You can contact us here.